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Calculations 4.0 Pro 1.01 APK

Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Overview: The best multi-function calculator and converter on Android. For ICS and 2.2+.

5 Essential Functions: Advanced Calculator, Currency Converter, Measurement Converter, Mortgage Calculator, and Tip Calculator.

“What the stock ICS calculator should have been” -TalkAndroid.com

***50% SALE UNTIL FEBRUARY 18*** Thank you to our Pro users for your support!

- Calculator: Clean design with advanced functions for Pro users
- Currency Converter: Real-time (as you type) conversion to up to 10 selected currencies
- Measurement Converter: Convert units of length, area, temperature, volume, weight, and time as you type.
- Mortgage: See the payoff details on a mortgage or any loan, including advanced options such as points, insurance, maintenance, taxes, bi-weekly vs. monthly payments, and an amortization schedule for Pro users.
- Tipping Calculator: Enter your bill amount and calculate your tip quickly with a range of percentages to select from based on the service you received.
V1.0.1 update:

  1.  Fixed wrong icon sizes on MDPI and HDPI devices
  2.  Fixed sizing issue with calculator numbers

App Screenshots

 Calculations 4.0 Pro 1.01 APK Calculations 4.0 Pro 1.01 APK Calculations 4.0 Pro 1.01 APK Calculations 4.0 Pro 1.01 APK Calculations 4.0 Pro 1.01 APK
2507087769 right fade Calculations 4.0 Pro 1.01 APK

Download Calculations 4.0 Pro 1.01 APK


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