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Messaging Metro Beta 0.62 APK for Android OS | Free Download

Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Overview: Messaging Metro Beta, fast, responsive, stylish.
The main objective of this application is performance, responsiveness, and the fantastic WP7 look and feel, with an obsession for the details.
This application is still under development so send me an email with any problem that you have, I’ll reply to you as soon as possible, and with the help of supporters I will be adding more and more features week by week.
Current free functionalities:

  •  Dynamic and fast loading of all the inbox and outbox messages in only one list
  •  Visualisation of the conversation with any contact
  •  Forward messaging
  •  Integration with the system, you can use the application as your Messaging application from your native contacts application for example.
  •  Copy a message into the clipboard
  •  Automatic multi-part messaging.
  •  Contact assister when you create a new message.
  •  Call
  •  You can choose which action will do the enter key on the keyboard
  •  Delivery report
  •  Offline sending; the text will be sent the next time that you have signal
  •  Background transaction process; you can abandon the conversation screen and all the sms transaction will be processed on the background
Current limitations:
  •  You cannot send a message to a group
  •  There is no MMS
Reward for whom support my work (inside the application, menu button, support…):
  •  You can put the application in fullscreen showing the clock
  •  You can set the time of the application in 12h/24h format
  •  You can choose the original light and dark theme
  •  You can change the accent colour with the same wp7 colours.
  • You will have the application integrated with the system notifications
  •  You can choose to whether activate the system notifications
  •  You can delete conversations and single messages
  •  You can set to wake up the screen every time that you receive a message
If you click on donation but nothing happens, send me an email.
Everyone under 18 can have a pre-paid credit card that will provide you a secure Internet payments and is unrestricted per age, you will be able to buy on Amazon, iTunes or other Android applications or games.
I cannot reply to any comment in the Android Market so drop me an email and we can discuss anything that you want.
Special thanks to everyone who has supported me! I’ll keep working for you.
Available in:
  •  English
  •  Spanish
  •  Catalan
  •  Portuguese, thanks to Marcio Andrade
  •  Brazilian, thanks to Marcio Andrade
  •  French, thanks to Clément Taverne, Dimitri and Jimmy Holzer
  •  Polish, thanks to Proove and Unaffectef
  •  Slovak, thanks to MartinB
  •  Italian, thanks to Marklocci79 and Mandragola
Update 0.63:
  •  Show an incorrect conversation going back from the conversation list
  •  Animation transitions retored
  •  Fullscreen settings apply without need to restart the application
  •  Incorrect contact when sending a message from the stock contact list application
  •  Signature is not replaced after sending a message
  •  Message counter is not displayed after sending a message
  •  Theme screen is not scrolling in landscape mode with small screen devices
New Features:
  • Message counter shows the amount parts the current message will have
V0.62 update:
  •  Back from conversation’s list when multiple messages from the same number.
  •  Unread messages counter.
  •  Failed messages don’t go to the queue anymore.
  •  Send action keyboard button now works in the new message screen.
  •  Position of the contextual menu


 614603976 left fade Messaging Metro Beta 0.62 APK
 Messaging Metro Beta 0.62 APK Messaging Metro Beta 0.62 APK Messaging Metro Beta 0.62 APK Messaging Metro Beta 0.62 APK Messaging Metro Beta 0.62 APK Messaging Metro Beta 0.62 APK
2507087769 right fade Messaging Metro Beta 0.62 APK

Download Messaging Metro Beta 0.62 APK


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