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CJB Mods for Minecraft 1.2.3

The settings menu could be opened by pressing “Y”, you can also disable this mod if not in use but you must restart your minecraft every time you do.
The hard core mode (makes more misurable than it already had in hard mode)
This CJB mod inclues this hard core mode, technically like hard but you just add a “core” and caused a big difference = =”, So I guess this mod will just make life more of a pain. By changing several weird settings you can actually set the difficulty of the “hard core mode” for example you can enable hunger or in cool words, you can create your character a stomach and make them hungry :) , and deleting your beloved world by your own death. Since you’ll be survivin in your own minecraft world (or others), this mod will also enable you to stack your supplies up to 10 which mean more space to spare for your big journey around your world. There is also an option to lock your settings so you won’t be whipping your pussy tails and turn off this mode and try to make a todler escaping route.

More Information on this mod
This mod will also add a bunch of flies in your screen which will give your lots of information that you *DON’T* actually want to know like your FPS, your light level, and stuff. It do show something you *DO* want to know too like your clock, and your day count (this will actually tell you when you are turning in to a skeleton-like dude)

CJB Mods v5.5 for Minecraft 1.2.3 Changelogs

  • - Fixed using hoe breaking block
    - Changed Main Menu Buttons in CJB Mods Menu


This just saves up a big chunck of time cause you don’t need to run back and forth.


Menu key = defult “G”


This mod also adds up a minimap, in case you get lose of your journey take a quick peek on your upper right of your screen. The minimaps also have some of there own tricks. There are 4 things to keep in mind:
  • Show way point indicator and mobs
  • You can goof around between static map and a rotate map
  • Moves your map around
  • Shows player during SMP’s.


Just to make things way easier, and yes… a godmode, a god that shouldn’t fall from heaven though (you still can die by commiting suicide).

Item spawner

Another thing that makes life easier. open the menu by pressing “J”

Mob filters

Yet another thing that make lifes happier, any phopbias?


Hell yeah… the girls bathroom, no no… forget that, technically this just makes you see through clothes, arghh… no no… I mean blocks.
They also add some new stuff in this mod so you should check it out.
Ok. You guys might be asking *alot* about the controls or the “how to do” of the mod, but It’s just too damn long for me to type so you can check this out for more… lot more information.
Just something to say.. all mods require the mod loader.

How to Install CJB Mod for Minecraft 1.2.3

For the nerds and the masters of minecraft.
Do everything normally but just don’t install MCPatcher HD fix, if your confused read the “readme”
For the kittens:
  1. Install the ModLoader first at any cause, and don’t install the MCpatcherHdfix. (try it every time and i’d advice you to backup).
  2. Press “start” you know the one on your far left bottom screen (the windows sign, if you didn’t download any skins(don’t read this if it makes you more confused))
  3. You see the “run” icon? press it. you can also search it in the search box though.
  4. Type inside the run “%appdata%”
  5. Drag and drop the “Put in Minecraft Folder” folder inside the .minecraft
  6. Now press .minecraft folder
  7. Go to bin/minefraft.jar
  8. Drag “Put in minecraft.jar” folder inside the folder you just opened
  9. If you failed or didn’t understand still, try reading the “readme” or ask quesion in the source bellow
(if you want the x-ray thing download the qo.class or lr.class) = if you have no idea of this thing just don’t care.
Special thanks to “CJB”. Your the man…


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